Push Home Automation

Ever wished you could control your home or office from your smartphone or tablet? Now you can – Technology on Tap is bringing Push automation to Sydney!

Smart solutions for the home and workplace

Push automation by Schneider Electric is an award-winning automation system that allows you to control practically any device from a single mobile app. Now Technology on Tap can bring this affordable, highly intuitive system into your home or workplace.

With Push automation you can:

  • Streamline your home entertainment by controlling your TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, set-top box, music, gaming and more from a single source – your living room can truly become an interactive, relaxing, stress-free space.
  • Adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle by controlling your lighting and heating/ cooling solutions with your Push control. Never again will youwaste energy by forgetting to turn lights off or leaving the air conditioning on when you’re out of the home. Push home automation can save you time and money while providing you with a solution for cleaner, greener living.
  • Keep your home and family safe and secure with Push automation – integrated security features include IP cameras, so you can monitor the whole of your home no matter which room you’re in.


With fully customisable options to suit your own needs, Push home automation is the user-friendly, cost-effective way to make the leap into smart living. In just a few short hours Technology on Tap can transport your home or office into the future, providing you with all the smart tech you’ll need for a streamlined lifestyle that’s built to last.

Call us today to find out what Push automation could do for you.